"I want to become your thrall …!"

Each and every day, I will love you……and ripen your blood. I promise.

I can't control this urge.

If you don't have a home…Let me offer you one.

"Vampire Dormitory"

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The TV anime for Vampire Dormitory will air in 2024!!


“I want to become your thrall …!”
A crossdressing girl and doting vampire’s dangerous cohabitation is about to begin!

To celebrate 70 years of Nakayoshi magazine and 20 years since manga author Ema Toyama’s debut, the manga Vampire Dormitory, serialized in Nakayoshi (Kodansha) will finally be made into an anime!

After losing her parents and being abandoned by her relatives, Mito is left all alone in the world. When she’s kicked out of the restaurant where she works with no money and no place to live, she is taken in by Ruka, a vampire. In exchange for giving Ruka her blood as his “food,” she ends up living with him in a boys’ dorm full of beautiful boys with unique personalities…?!

Charged with bringing this story of the chaos created by a crossdressing girl and her heart-pounding love to life are the team from Smile Down the Runway and Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan, director Nobuyoshi Nagayama and scriptwriter Toko Machida. Studio Blanc. will handle the animation production.

In 2024, the curtain will rise on a love story all girls who want to be head over heels in love should watch!


Original Story
Vampire Dormitory
(Serialized in Kodansha’s Nakayoshi)Author:Ema Toyama
Nobuyoshi Nagayama
Toko Machida
Character Designs
Naomi Tsuruta
Animation Production
Studio Blanc.
Presented by
“Vampire Dormitory” Production Committee


Mito Yamamoto
Kana Ichinose
Ruka Saotome
Shunichi Toki
Ren Nikaido
Yuuichirou Umehara
Wataru Hatano
Takara Kagurazaka
Yusuke Shirai
Yuki Sakakihara